Write by Number, The Simplest Writing Program You’ll Ever Use

This writing curriculum has been a huge game changer for us.
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It's really an open-and-go resource that can be used by anyone.
Cathy Duffy Reviews
It takes the guesswork out of writing instruction.
Stephanie, mom of 3
I took the College Composition CLEP test and scored a 60. I never thought I could do it because of my dyslexia.
Christy, former student
This made college easier than high school.
EE, former student
The simplest writing program
you'll ever use

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Student Book Highlights

Student Book left-hand page sample

The navigation border shows your progress through each Stage of the program. As you "level up," a new icon is highlighted.

Both the Student and Teacher Books are printed on thick, coated paper for vibrant color and increased durability.

We use a special concealed Wire-O binding that allows the books to lie flat while protecting the spine and providing easy, legible storage on a shelf.

We asked our own dyslexic children for their input in choosing typefaces, so that the books would be legible for the widest variety of users.

Student Book right-hand page sample

Beginning in Stage 6, Write by Number teaches applied grammar through "Sentence Patterns."

When a new Sentence Pattern is introduced, its icon will be highlighted.

The Sentence Patterns are color-coded, making it easy to see where they are used in a sentence or paragraph.

Each Sentence Pattern lesson includes ten example sentences.

Throughout the Student Book, we include writing samples from real-life students with a range of ability levels.

Teacher Book Highlights

Each of the twelve Stages in the Teacher Book begins with an overview page.

Write by Number was not designed for Common Core, but teachers who need to document compliance with Common Core standards will find a handy list on every overview page.

Teacher Book right-hand page sample

All the assignments you need are laid out for you. They follow a predictable, consistent pattern: Write one sentence, then 10 sentences, then a paragraph or essay.

You can speed up or slow down the assignments for each student to prevent both boredom and frustration. If a child consistently shows mastery with few corrections, use only the Fast Track assignments. When kids need more practice, use every assignment.

Teacher Book evaluation page sample

Write by Number makes the grading process simple and objective. The Teacher Book includes evaluation checklists to help you determine whether the student has completed each assignment correctly.

Teacher Book sample

Each Stage in the Teacher Book tells you how to know when a student is ready to move on to the next Stage.

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As a former secondary classroom teacher, adjunct professor, co-op instructor, AP English essay grader, and as a veteran homeschooler, Laurena Townsend knows how to help students in all settings succeed. Now you can do the same with Write by Number.

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