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Write By Number

The simplest writing program
you’ll ever use.

Stage 1

Write by Number — the Power of Structured Creativity

Write by Number is a K-12 curriculum, designed for learners of all ages to start at Stage 1 and progress at their own paces, mastering the art of writing one step at a time. With Write by Number, writing becomes as straightforward as painting by number – each sentence having a specific job, creating a vibrant tapestry with a clear message.


Sentences → Paragraphs → Essays

Stage 1Sentence basics, grammar, and writing standards
Stage 2Three-sentence paragraphs, sentence connections, and indenting
Stage 3Five-sentence paragraphs with supporting details
Stage 4Five-sentence paragraphs, excluding there constructions
Stage 5Five-sentence paragraphs, omitting to be verbs
Stage 6Five-sentence paragraphs with first six sentence patterns
Stage 7Seven-sentence paragraphs with next six sentence patterns
Stage 8Seven-sentence paragraphs, moving a topic sentence around, and more sentence patterns
Stage 9Four-paragraph essays with varied sentence patterns
Stage 10Five-paragraph essays, writing interesting introductions and conclusions, and using complex sentence patterns
Stage 11Eight-paragraph essays, developing interesting detail paragraphs, and using complex sentence patterns
Stage 12Essay outlining and organization techniques
Write by Number: Stages 1-12
Image shows a student sitting at a desk, confused

No More Guesswork – Just Writing Success

For most students, our structured approach is a sigh of relief. No more guessing what to write or feeling lost in feedback. Our method ensures that every effort counts, guiding students through crafting well-organized essays with confidence.

From Basic Skills to Creative Flair

Think of Write by Number as the foundational art class for writing. We teach the essential skills in writing — just as an art class teaches skills like shading or perspective — to build a strong understructure that supports creative expression. As students become more confident and learn to organize their ideas, their creativity will flourish naturally.

Sentence Patterns in a paragraph with colors.

Sentence Patterns: Grammar that Matters

Write by Number teaches grammar with a purpose — to make writing more interesting! Sentence Patterns elevate writing from mundane to exceptional. By learning to vary sentence structures and vocabulary, students learn to express the same ideas in multiple, compelling ways, just like professional writers.


Pattern #1 Use a vivid, active verb
Pattern #3 Write an exclamatory sentence
Pattern #4 Open with an adverb
Pattern #5 Open with a prepositional phrase
Pattern #6 Write a sentence in which the verb precedes the subject
Pattern #7 Use conversation or a quotation
Pattern #8 Use apposition


I went three places. First, I went to Paris. I was sick while we were there. Second, I went to Rome. There was a taxi there. Third, I went to the beach. It was pretty.


On our vacation we visited three places. The first place we visited was Paris. Unfortunately I spent the entire time in the hotel room with the stomach flu. The second place we visited was Rome. We sped through the streets in a taxi, yelling, Let us out! The last place we visited was a beach in Corfu, an island in Greece. Across the sand crept a crab toward my toe.

The Write by Number Difference

Traditional writing instruction often leaves students feeling lost, like they’re not sure how to make their ideas clear or say what they really mean. Write by Number changes the game by providing a clear, step-by-step guide on how to write everything from simple sentences to complex essays.

Blocks shaped like stairs showing "Step by Step"
Image shows two men writing in the workplace

Communication Success

Why teach expositional writing? Very few students will make a living as creative writers, but all students must be able to write coherent paragraphs and essays, both in school and for the rest of their lives. Write by Number gives every student the tools to succeed in effective communication, in the classroom and in the workplace.

Experience the
Write by Number Method

Where every every student can learn to write

What Makes
Write By Number so Simple?

Simple Package

You can stop asking, Which program do I use after this one?

  • One set of books covers K-12. 
  • Every lesson and assignment is included.
  • Ready for you to “open and go.”
Write by Number set: Student Book and Teacher Book
Table of Contents shows Stages 1-12

Simple Start

You can stop asking, Where do I start?

  • Every student starts at the beginning. 
  • There are no placement tests, no grade levels, no flow charts.
  • Students move from Stage 1 to Stage 12 at their own paces.

Simple Steps

You can stop wondering, When will I have time to prep all of this?

  • No watching hours of teacher DVDs or teacher training
  • No big leaps in expectations for students
  • No scary learning curve for teachers
Write by Number is easy to start
Sample evaluation checklist

Simple Grading

You can stop wondering, Am I being too tough or too lenient?

  • Students either move on or keep practicing until they’ve mastered the concept.
  • Objective standards take the guesswork out of grading assignments.​

Simplify Your Writing Process

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Thirty Years of Success Stories

“I stopped at Stage 10 after taking two years of high school English with Mrs. Townsend. In 2019, I took the College Composition CLEP test and scored a 60. As a dual enrollment student, I have earned credit for college English. I never thought I could do it because of my dyslexia. Thanks, Mrs. Townsend!”

Former Student

“This made college easier than high school. I knew exactly how to structure every essay.”

Former Student

Write by Number has been a great tool! It allows me to teach to my student’s level and pace, and it takes the guesswork out of writing instruction.

I am much more confident when it comes to teaching writing, and my daughter can write at her ability level without pressure or judgment. Thank you for the tools to make this happen!”

Mom of 3

“I use it all the time because I know how to organize my thoughts. I just have to fill it in.”

Former Student

“I was taught to write using Write by Number as a junior-high student, and it has molded the way I write ever since. I have never seen another system that lays out the progression from simple thoughts all the way to full essays in such a logical and easy-to-use format.

As a pastor, I write for a living, and my job would be exponentially more difficult had I not learned to write well using this system. I can’t imagine having to make it through college without having learned this way of organizing my thoughts and words.”

Former Student

Write Your Success Story

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